Casublanca-Farbe.de offers a revolutionary color, which prevents the formation of bugs, moss, algae and similar unwanted appearances. Antibacterial and germ-inhibiting. Both for exterior paints and for interiors. Ideal for sanitary areas, as well as sterile rooms, such as hospitals and clinics. Give your painter this color if the result shall be long-lasting, shining and pure. As a painter, you can revert to our color in order to distinguish yourself from competitors by shining your work with a longer freshness.

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No chance for fungi- and algae attack – thanks to the unique mineral CASUL®

In the fight against greening, conventional facade paints are applied to algicides and fungicides. The pollutants contained therein are washed out in the course of time and enter the groundwater. In addition, the washing out of the facade looses the protection of the wall as well. With CASUBLANCA facade paint all these problems are a thing of the past. Instead of classic film protection, the patented, environmentally-friendly mineral CASUL® is used here.


About Us

  • Everything for the perfect painting result - from scratch

    PHN COLORS offers quality all around colors and paints. This also includes the appropriate system solution. Take advantage of our primer to guarantee perfect painting results and to take full advantage of our high-quality painting colors. Use the primer with exceptionally high white pigmentation. Our product series CASUBLANCA® with patented CASUL® white mineral makes it possible.

  • Facade Protection

    Evironmental friendly facade protection: perfect protection against algae and mold without any chemicals at all!

  • Living Health

    Living Health at first: paint pollution-free, live healthier – with CASUBLANCA® paints, suitable for allergics.



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Casublanca Farben Farben, die bleiben. Jedem Widerstand zum Trotz.

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Farben, die nie wieder verblassen oder von Moos und Grünspan befallen werden. Farben, die sich selbst reinigen und antibakteriell sind. Farben, die frei von Pestiziden und Konservierungsstoffen sind. Das ist Casublanca. Eine Farbe auf Mineralbasis, die unsere Welt verbessert. Nichts geringeres ist unser Anspruch!

Die AS Baustoffe GmbH, ansässig in Hamburg, hat sich auf Malerbedarf spezialisiert und vertreibt seit 2017 exklusiv für den norddeutschen Raum Casublanca Farben. Ein innovatives und zukunftsweisendes Produkt, das die Farbindustrie revolutioniert.

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About this website

A paint which will not fade out or be infested by moss and weed. A paint which cleans itself and sanitizes by itself. A paint free of pesticidal and preservatives.

That is CASUBLANCA. A paint on a mineral basis which makes our world better. Nothing less is our goal.

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