Advantages and Characteristics

Environmental protection and mold protection in one – thanks to a unique mineral CASUL®

Mold protection without additives containing harmful substances – does it work? Yes, with CASUBLANCA interior paint. Instead of conventional preservatives, the CASUL® white mineral, which is completely safe for humans and the environment, is used here. Thus neither dangerous substances are released during processing or afterwards. Simply, because there are not any. You can also rely on a highly effective coating solution for walls and ceilings that prevents mold contamination and ensures healthy living.

The effect – scientifically proven

Recent studies show that crystal water contained in CASUL® leads to the fact that CASUBLANCA Ambiente interior color absorbs much less air humidity than comparable products. CASUL® also ensures a consistently high pH. This results in a long-lasting dry and alkaline surface climate. Perfect for mold protection – bad for spores, which are dependent on high humidity and low pH values.

The result – proven in everyday life

Our practical experience shows: CASUBLANCA Ambiente interior paint can be absolutely convincing in every respect. Even bathrooms can at least be effectively protected against mold growth as with normal competition products. And all that without the usual protective means – without the dangerous side effect that harmful substances get into the circulating air. Thus, CASUBLANCA Ambiente contributes twice as much to the health of the home.

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Casublanca Farben Farben, die bleiben. Jedem Widerstand zum Trotz.

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Über diese Website

Farben, die nie wieder verblassen oder von Moos und Grünspan befallen werden. Farben, die sich selbst reinigen und antibakteriell sind. Farben, die frei von Pestiziden und Konservierungsstoffen sind. Das ist Casublanca. Eine Farbe auf Mineralbasis, die unsere Welt verbessert. Nichts geringeres ist unser Anspruch!

Die AS Baustoffe GmbH, ansässig in Hamburg, hat sich auf Malerbedarf spezialisiert und vertreibt seit 2017 exklusiv für den norddeutschen Raum Casublanca Farben. Ein innovatives und zukunftsweisendes Produkt, das die Farbindustrie revolutioniert.

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About this website

A paint which will not fade out or be infested by moss and weed. A paint which cleans itself and sanitizes by itself. A paint free of pesticidal and preservatives.

That is CASUBLANCA. A paint on a mineral basis which makes our world better. Nothing less is our goal.

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